Jan. 10
7 pm  $3




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Bigfoot Wallace and Odds & Ends


To download the poster, click on the above image or click here...  And see more amazing artwork by Chris Newberg here!








Chandler AZ band Bigfoot Wallace is the creation of musician/composer Jon Hubbell, who is not what you would call your everyday songsmith. His sound comes from wailing pedals, squawking synths, and backstabbing piano loops, layered with captivatinig vocals and harmonies.


I found Bigfoot Wallace on Noisetrade, where you can download and listen to a couple of his albums here.  I also found a couple of his music videos on youtube - and my favorite is the song "I Am and I'm Not."


We're excited to be starting out 2015 with this incredible band!



Opening for Bigfoot Wallace is local band Odds and Ends in their debut GJs performance.  


Odds and Ends describes their band in these words: 


"We make music for life, and our struggle is the definition of what makes us who we are. The struggle draws us closer to God. Through our struggle we become new people. Our attempt is to bring you the process of life and growth in our faith. along with honoring our Savior."




We look forward to welcoming Odds and Ends, opening for Bigfoot Wallace on January 10th, in this high-energy start to a great New Year at GJs.