Nov. 8
7 pm  $3




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Davis Absolute and Wordsmith

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Davis Absolute is a hip hop artist with a message far from the media’s inaccurate representation of life’s true meaning. Love, Life, Christ and the struggle of trying to beat your circumstances are woven throughout lyrics of a truth that’s heartfelt and absolute. Davis looks to spread the gospel of Christ while delivering positivity and true happiness through his music with an aim to captivate hearts and minds with spiritual discernment.


This is the way hip hop is supposed to be, venturing outside the realm of material possessions and short-lived pleasures. Davis touches on real topics and meaningful discussion through his music, communicating a message with staying power. The coming and current generations can tap into his music and gain something genuine - the absolute truth: positive, unconditional, definite, certain, conclusive, confirmed.


We're excited to have Davis Absolute at GJs Coffeehouse on November 8th, as part of his 15-city "Parallel Parables Tour!"


Check out his music on his website, and you can download his newest album, "grown.retold" from Noisetrade here.  The album is currently one of the top downloads in Noisetrade's hip-hop section!



Opening for Davis Absolute is Tucson's best spoken-word poet, Wordsmith.  Ringing with Truth and Honesty in every line, Wordsmith's poetry is profound and gripping in its intensity, and recited with passion and emotion that forces listeners to pay attention.  You can hear several of Wordsmith's poetry performed on his Bandcamp site here.