Sept. 12
7 pm

$3 admission



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Mutton Buster and The Morning Service


To download the poster, click on the above image or click here... And to see more artwork by the amazing Chris Newberg, go here!










We're kicking off our Fall 2015 season of shows on September 12 with 2 new local bands with some familiar favorites!


Mutton Buster consists of Loren Dircks and Thomas Duell - two GJs veteran performers who formed this new duo to bring us some new sounds and songs. 


Loren is a frequent Tucson performer and an amazing guitarist, playing with the likes of


Thomas is one of the founding members of... The Found, who have played several GJs shows in recent years.


Together, they make up Mutton Buster, and the combination of these two talented guys is bound to be memorable (plus, we all like their cool band name... Just Google "mutton busting" and you'll see all kinds of fun images like the one we used here...)






















The Morning Service is the worship band for the morning worship service of Epicenter Church in Tucson, and we're really excited that they agreed to be part of this show.


We're looking forward to a great time of worship with The Morning Service!


(NOTE:  Ang & Col, a.k.a. Angie and Coley Barkley, were  originally booked for this show, too, but unfortunately had to cancel.  They do plan to share some open mic songs in the coming months, though!)